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OpenMinds – Daryll Tan

Digital Marketing at its Best

“Content is the atomic particle of all digital marketing”, says Rebecca Lieb, author and research analyst.

There is no doubt that digital marketing is as vital to an organization as water is to human survival. In the 21st century, the world has moved on to embrace the potential of the internet that has made the world a smaller place, where big things happen. For an organization to make an impact, presence on digital media is a must, whether it is through social media or through offline data analytics.

OpenMinds is a company based in Malaysia that is making waves in the ever-competing world of digital marketing. With a fresh perspective and vivacious spirit, it has taken over the marketing world and has grown across Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong. Founded in 2012, OpenMinds is a group of companies focusing on Marketing Technology. Although it began as a small boutique firm focusing on social media management, it rapidly grew from just 2 clients to over 10 multimillion brands within a year’s time.

The Power of Collaboration

OpenMinds is unique in its business philosophy. It values collaboration over competition, making effective partnerships and growing through sheer determination and talent. Daryll Tan, co-Founder of the organization says, “The best kind of strategizing to stay ahead of the game is to understand the power of collaboration. We always try our best to collaborate instead of directly competing.”

The organization is blessed with a powerful team having excellent leadership capabilities that have helped them be ahead of the curve. Their collaborations include companies from the retail, F&B, finance, education, and other industries.

A League Apart

A youthful and vibrant organization, OpenMinds has been conferred with several accolades. Noted for being forward thinkers and startup builders, the awards include:

  • Forbes 30 under 30 Asia 2017: Media, Marketing and Advertising
  • Malaysia’s Best Workplace Culture, 2015 –, and more.

Additionally, it also has its own radio slot on Malaysia’s largest radio station – BFM, ensuring the widest outreach.

Quality Services

Being a group of companies, OpenMinds is able to cater to a number of business needs, while honing the best talents in the industry. This also allows it to expand its range of services, ensuring growth across the board. The key services provided include:

  • Digital Marketing – which includes strategy creation, digital transformation, social media management, etc.
  • Data Analytics – offering valuable insights on client performance
  • Technology Development – tailoring new technology to suit business needs, and
  • Training and Consultancy – conducting workshops on marketing, digital trends, and more.

OpenMinds is interested in growing in the field of education and has an education arm called OpenAcademy. Its goal is to upskill and bring practical education to the workforce. It focusses on teaching digital marketing courses, tech and project management, creative and analytics, etc.

A proprietary O2O product called RoundUp in Singapore also functions under OpenMinds. As an O2O data aggregator, it focusses on consolidating and providing automated live data from different sources.

Thriving Ecosystem

The organization intends on building an ecosystem of ventures that are self-sustaining and complementary. It boasts of providing a space where people can pursue what they love. People, tech and innovation form the core focus of the company, and values such as ownership, transparency and accountability are considered key. This helps to build a workforce that is focused and clear, increasing productivity to a great extent.

OpenMinds ensures there is a flat structure in all its communication lines. As it grows, the company is intent on having clearer reporting lines while keeping communication open and flat to ensure there are no red tapes.

Earnest Leadership

Daryll Tan, co-founder of OpenMinds has been in the business since 10 years. Passionate about entrepreneurship since his youth, he began his first company ChaseMotions at the age of 21, in 2010. He then pivoted the business to focus on video production. With his current business partners, he eventually merged companies to form OpenMinds.

Daryll himself is a trained all-round digital marketer and has managed special projects for one of the largest independent digital marketing agencies. He has been recognized as the Top 10 Visionary Leaders on Beyond Exclamation in 2018. He is also a frequent speaker and lecturer on digital marketing and leadership.

Under Daryll’s leadership, OpenMinds believes in remaining vigilant and observant to keep moving forward. He believes in building complementing ventures consistently, and fostering effective partnerships to help diversify and grow. With the help of his team, he believes in taking swift decisions while maintaining integrity, honesty, grit and a zeal to serve others.

He states that “My faith in God has always propelled me to greater heights; knowing that He is always in control, I can actively surrender to Him and put all trust in His Word; He is faithful”.

The Road Ahead

OpenMinds is keen on keeping up the momentum and making a difference in the world of digital marketing.

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