Qiibee – BS 10 Influential Business Leaders to Watch in 2020

“The Global Standard For Loyalty On The Blockchain”


Almost all consumer-based companies retain a loyalty program. The intention of maintaining such a program is to bring in more business with incentives such as points, rewards, and offers of discounts, etc. The problem is that companies today spend a lot of money to set-up and run a loyalty system while customers face different challenges because they can’t get out any value and with that, they engage less with the loyalty program.

Qiibee recognized the trouble and offers a blockchain based solution. The companies can maintain their loyalty programs and bring them easily on the blockchain. At the same time, through the qiibee wallet, customers can store their loyalty tokens at one place and access the qiibee ecosystem to exchange loyalty tokens easily or even exchange them to crypto or cash them out.

Taking the lowest integration time and most cost-efficient solution, qiibee is the company that delivered a product that works for both, brands and customers. Since they are the first mover, they have the advantage to advance their product through the market quickly and establish new market territories.


Through the plug and play solution, businesses around the world are running and operating their loyalty programs on the blockchain without the need for cost-intensive integration and they have full control over it. Companies are tokenizing their loyalty programs and storing the reward and redemption transactions on the blockchain. Whereas, customers are earning tokens such as points, credits, vouchers, gift cards, etc., which can be traded for other loyalty tokens of other companies, crypto or FIAT. qiibee’s cuttng-edge solution work for both, businesses and customers and are more efficient and user-friendly at the same time. It also brings blockchain and crypto towards mass-adoption.


•Latteeso: qiibee’s first roll-out was with Latteeso, the second largest cold coffee producer in Switzerland which serves millions of customers in 7 European countries. During a summer campaign, 2 Million coffee cups were sold, and 12,000 wallets were generated during the first and a half month alone. Sales were hiked by 61% during that time. Latteeso’s thrilled CEO said, “Our customers love the vision to exchange real tokens that might rise in value – with that we have a clear first-mover advantage.”

Sausalitos: Sausalitos is the largest cocktail producer in Germany, and qiibee had its second roll out with Sausalitos. At five restaurants, they tested qiibee’s infrastructure for a few weeks and then, implemented in all of their 44 restaurants. Sausalitos CEO highly appreciates the collaboration by saying, “To setup our own token, we would need to do a full ICO which is impossible from multiple angles – qiibee is the ideal solution for businesses.”


qiibee was co-founded by Mr. Gabriele Giancola – CEO of qiibee and Mr. Gianluca Giancola – CDO of qiibee. Mr. Gabriele Giancola holds a Master in Business Management from the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland, ranked as one of the top five business schools in Europe. Upon completion of his education, he worked at Julius Bär and GE. Besides qiibee, Mr. Gabriele Giancola is running a mining farm with over 60 miners.

“Never give up, believe in your product and learn from your mistakes! As a CEO you do experience many different challenges but none of these should damage you or your company. I’ve always tried to see roadblocks as opportunities, to learn from them and make it better the next time and whatever comes; don’t give up!” says Mr. Gabriele Giancola.

Mr. Gianluca Giancola holds a Master in Graphic Design from Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) Milan. He has previously designed for Snips and the University of Basel and currently serves as President of the Board of qiibee. Besides that he is running the mining farm together with his brother, Gabriele Giancola.

qiibee started its journey in the loyalty market with a multi-branded, multi-activity loyalty program that brands could use to reward their customers for activities such as shopping. In late 2016, the qiibee prototype was launched with 100,000 customers in Switzerland, which is approximately 1% of all internet users in the Alpine nation. Later, one of qiibee’s supporters and their CTO got engaged in Bitcoin and mining. After a closer look at the technology, they commenced analyzing the live blockchain projects and learned through the process of how blockchain can disrupt the entire loyalty space. Probing deeper into the technology, qiibee came up with a solu􀆟on that redefined the global standards in the loyalty market.