The Gracious F – BS 10 Influential Business Leaders to Watch in 2020

The colors we see in our homes, working places, and on the streets have a powerful effect on our behavior. The effect we experience is an influence of color psychology – a study of colors in relation to human behavior. Depending upon the color choices, one can build a strong brand. Through the power of color science and psychology, people and organizations could be benefitted from their endeavors.

Precisely mastering the art of color science, the consultancy was founded by Fatima Al Shirawi – an expert in color psychology, she established The Gracious F in the year 2008 in Dubai. Over the decade, the consultancy has provided assistance to the spectrum of individuals and industries. The Gracious F has a strong portfolio of prominent international clients, giant organizations, international and local designers and provides dedicated services across the Middle Eastern region.

A Stalwart Entrepreneur

Fatima Al Shirawi – CEO and Founder of The Gracious F is a BA in Sociology and Marketing from George Washington University, DC, also she holds a Color Consultant Certificate from the Color Affects Institute. A short course in Fashion Design from the Polimoda Institute in Florence and a BA in Fashion Design from London College of Fashion.

Fatima is passionate about traveling, education and giving back to the community and her core values are:

  • Empowering women to be educated and their best self individually and professionally
  • Sharing knowledge and expertise to serve the community and support local and youth talent
  • Learning every day and developing the team to grow and exceed in their individual and professional lives.

“Staying true to myself, I won’t deny that at the initial stage of my career there were various roadblocks and challenges, mainly due to the science of color being such a niche and many were not aware of its benefits or application. My biggest challenge was to create awareness within GCC. Looking back now I seem to realize this was a one-woman show, I used to go to client’s homes or office for meetings and used to be based in sharing office until my company grew and I was able to build my own office space and hire my team. It has been a long but very satisfying journey and I truly believe that patience and ethics are the main reasons for its sustainability,” Fatima recalls.

A Journey of Colorful Palette

After Fatima had graduated and returned, she decided to start her own business in color psychology. She conducted one-one sessions with individuals for the color kits and personality review. The individuals with whom she had held sessions, began to realize the potential of this science and how it could impact their businesses.

“Color has a profound effect on human behavior. Different hues influence different psychological modes and ailments. Exposure to a particular color or set of colors can lead to a measurable improvement in mood and behavior. These hues are arranged into one of four harmonious color groups. Individuals too can be categorized via these groups, with each type having a natural affinity for a particular set of colors. My knowledge of color psychology ensures that I can use the appropriate shades and techniques to craft a personalized colored program that soothes specific physical or mental ailments,” says Fatima.

The consultancy quickly evolved from Individual Color Consulting to a 360-degree Color Consulting firm. After a decade since its inception, The Gracious F works with all industries, ranging from Luxury Retail, Government entities, Training and Educational entities to other corporate segment businesses.

“I keep certain timings and availability for sessions with Individual Clients for their self Enhancement and growth as I had started this business to help people achieve their dreams and goals, therefore The Gracious F will always offer this service,” Fatima asserts.

Colorful Offerings

The Gracious F has successfully combined color psychology in all spectrums of individual re-branding and self-development, to businesses that are looking to enhance their awareness and strategy through color solutions in branding and marketing, Luxury Retail training, PR, Workshops or residential and corporate interior design.

An inhouse program the Color Matrix by Fatima Al Shirawi is being launched currently. It is a unique program that supports Retailers in a 360-degree spectrum within color psychology to increase their sales and performance. This program enables the brand to offer a product or service that meets the needs, wants, and preferences of their target market. Discreet and effective customer profiling is the key to creating brand trust and loyalty within the ever-growing competitive market.

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