Daniel Kibel (CM Trading)

The Globe's Most Innovative Forex Brokers

Since the dawn of humanity, trading has been an integral part of daily activity. The nature of trading brings communities together and trade numerous entities to garner more entities. There has been a lot of changes as to how trading takes place from exchanging items to the invention of currencies and then, trading currency for an item, however, the essence remained the same. The important aspect of trading is to build an inventory that would help in acquiring other entities and that holds true even today. Modern trading has dramatically changed as there are now expert firms that offer tailored services to the clients according to their needs and requirements. These firms hold specialized knowledge in the niche and unparalleled expertise across the length and breadth of the trading sphere.

One such fine company is CM Trading. It specializes in specific markets and strives to meet the needs and demands of its clients in each region the company operates. Its efforts, to provide clients in Africa with effective trading solutions and access to cost-effective transactions, rewarded CM Trading with the ‘Best performing Broker Africa’ for three consecutive years.

Astounding Genesis

CM Trading was incorporated by Mr. Daniel Kibel – Co-founder & CEO of CM Trading, with a mission to make clients feel safe and secured by creating a user friendly, intuitive trading environment. Since Mr. Kibel is a trader himself, he has combined his professional experience to create a one-stop destination for online trading. CM Trading has expertise in Forex, Index, and Commodity trading. By using technology to leverage trading, Mr. Kibel has made trading easy and simple at the same time.

CM Trading is one of the world's most innovative Forex brokers, offering a wide variety of advanced trading solutions. From new traders to more experienced ones, it provides state-of-the-art trading platforms as well as supreme liquidity. In 2017, CM Trading was bestowed with an accolade – 'Best Performing Broker in Africa' and today, the company has a team of experienced professionals who helps clients across the globe by providing a safe and regulated environment.

“In the beginning, we did things quite differently from the competition. Where other major brokers were mainly investing in online marketing, SEO, paid ads, etc. we went the other way and relied on partnerships with local introducing brokers and eventually, through word of mouth we became the largest broker in Africa and expanded our footprint in the Middle East. Our successes haven’t left as satiated of course and we aim to keep cultivating these relationships further as we continue to expand our operations across the world,” asserts Mr. Kibel.

Driving an Unparalleled Success

Born and raised in London, Mr. Kibel attended Manchester University where he studied philosophy and politics. He also holds an MBA from the Swinburn University of Technology in Melbourne, Australia. After spending more than a decade in the Forex industry where he worked in senior management roles, he then embarked on his entrepreneurial journey along with his business partner to find CM Trading.

Out of his professional sphere, Mr. Kibel is a family man who loves spending his time with his family and he is also an avid supporter of the Arsenal Football Club.

“Being a CEO is mainly about thinking outside the box and putting out fires. I am hugely passionate about my work. I like to focus on the bigger picture and I believe myself to be a great motivator who enjoys meeting challenges head-on. These qualities I share with Ibrahim as well and together with our employees we manage to create solutions that serve the company’s interests and expansion as a common goal,” states Mr. Kibel.

Holistic Offering

CM Trading offers online services in derivatives in the world’s leading financial markets. Its diverse offering includes currency pairs, precious metals, commodities such as sugar, oil, and coffee, stocks and indices as well as the emerging cryptocurrency markets. The company constantly keeps watching on the latest developments as it aims to develop its offering and product range with the most favorable assets and trading conditions.

Aside from the industry’s mainstay trading platform – MT4, it also has an in-house social trading platform the CopyKat where clients can connect with experts from around the world and invest in their trading strategies. CM Trading also provides daily market commentary and technical analysis which is made available for free to all the clients to better prepare them for any upcoming opportunities and protect them against high volatility.

For More Details: https://www.cmtrading.com/