Mika-Petteri Kuro (Helmee Imaging Ltd )

Optimal, Adjustable, & Precise Quality Control Inspection

As the world is leaning more towards automation, numerous processes are being automated because of higher efficiency, productivity, and quality. Quality control is an important aspect of any industry and hence, without 100 percent inspection, businesses and customers remain skeptical about the quality of a product. Also, with digitalization, online inspection gives more traction and it reduces time and cost for inspection. Helmee Imaging is such an institution that has developed a cutting-edge tool that can run automated inspection with precision. Helmee’s CSD® (Covered Stereo Deflectometry) is an online sorting and quality inspection unit that offers customers full control over their quality.

The company enables its customers to have automated quality control for glossy, mirror-like products irrespective of surface shape. The inspection is more affordable as Helmee CSD® is so fast that it can inspect up to 10 million parts a year, more reliable than humans and the results are guaranteed. The CSD® gives spot-on feedback about the quality of the product to validate quality inspection efforts and to share further with the product delivery.

A Visionary Leadership

Established in the year 2013 and headquartered in Finland, the company has come a long way under the visionary leadership of Mr. Mika-Petteri Kuro – CEO of Helmee Imaging. The idea behind the company saw the light of the day soon after the innovation was done – long after one of its founders had an interaction with a potential customer about a machine vision solution available for high gloss surface inspection. “We were the first company ever to be capable of automatically inspect the surface quality of high gloss curved shape parts like an automotive interior door handle. Thus, we have some years of a head start in terms of development. We focus on developing this skill set even further to keep the distance to competitors safe and big enough to remain our position as the best over time,” asserts Mr. Kuro.

Helmee began with a vision to be the trusted, unquestionable leader in the field of high gloss surface inspection and has incorporated the vision during the years. Today, Helmee is a global leader and Mr. Kuro has set the bar higher in terms of quality and standards of operations. “What we do, we do care and we continuously and relentlessly seek new technological solutions and ideas combined with fresh business models. Trust is the absolute core of everything that we do. What we say equals to what we do and what we do is what we report. There are no grey zones between our talks and walks,” states Mr. Kuro.

Mr. Kuro has devised a specific model of operation for himself and the cornerstones are trust, positive mental attitude, and networks. Along with these cornerstones, he also has integrated core values such as consistency, learning, responsibility, fair play, and sisu – a Finnish word meaning relentless effort and trail. While making any decision, he employs this approach, values, and all available data to live up to expectations as a CEO.

Driving the Success

Mr. Kuro is a Sales Professional and Business Engineer having specialization in Product-Service Systems (PSS). With over one and a half-decade of professional experience, he took over as a CEO of Helmee Imaging in 2019. His experience revolves around Productization and Servitization as he has vast experience in International Sales, Product Management, Business Development, Project management, etc., and he takes immense interest in discussing sales, trust, PSS, positive mental attitude, etc.

Before taking over as a CEO, Mr. Kuro was a Sales Director of Helmee Imaging and during this time, the company delivered the first inspection unit for Sarrel in 2017 and the second unit in 2018. Under his leadership, the company has now a local presence in German and China. “We have delivered units in China, JMI and now just finalized the two units for delivery in Germany, HDO. Last year we managed to gain order intake over 1 million euros having now three deliveries going on in Europe – automotive industry mostly,” emphasizes Mr. Kuro.

After having successfully developed its inspection unit, the company is now focusing on developing a second-generation system with a little different design to enabling scaling the system size up or down. Mr. Kuro is optimistic that this model will come out by the end of the year as he has already landed a European client for a possible field test. The second-gen model is still in R&D but Mr. Kuro is enthusiastic about the model. “What I can say is that with this new unit we will increase our capability from automotive to include components and displays, including those products used in hydraulics, mobile phones, etc.,” he concludes.

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