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AMRI Hospitals

A 361-degree Top Notch Medical Services Provider backed by Latest Technologies

With the Coronavirus pandemic causing havoc in the world, medical facilities are being pushed to its limits. The latest technology, however, is playing a key role in delivering exceptional results. Top-notch medical services have become the need of the hour and several institutions are working towards the betterment of all patients.

AMRI Hospitals is among such institutions that is working 24 by 7 even in such a pandemic. With more than 3.5 lakh annual patients, the institute has more than 1,200 doctors both national and international, and 5,500 employees. It is a premier private healthcare provider in eastern India with its chain spread across three super specialty hospitals at Dhakuria, Mukundapur, and Salt Lake in Kolkata, and another super specialty hospital at Bhubaneswar, Odisha.

AMRI Hospitals conduct more than 15,000 surgeries every year backed by the latest technologies and equipment. With 1,000 beds capacity across its four hospitals, the chain is looking forward to adding 700 beds in the near future.

Over the last three decades, the healthcare Group has made immense contributions to the lives of people, not just from Kolkata and the rest of Eastern India, but also from other parts of South Asia and the world.

A Symbol of Excellence

At the core of AMRI’s strategy is the belief that the healthcare sector should come up with initiatives that have acceptability to the public, besides being sustainable and affordable. Instead of a corporate monolith, the institute has imbued its entire workforce with the spirit of camaraderie.

Focusing more on technologies for better clinical outcomes, AMRI is also stressing on on-boarding the best talents in the country across the disciplines. This is the biggest strength of AMRI along with developing an overall program, using platforms that are backed by positive patient experiences. The latest technology, qualified human resources, and streamlined operational capabilities have helped AMRI Hospitals become one of the best performers in the niche.

“When talking about marketing in healthcare, most people get it confused with traditional marketing mechanics. Brand development in healthcare is more about creating awareness on the availability and accessibility of the latest technologies, and treatment protocols, letting know that modern healthcare is more of a boon. What makes us stand apart is our retinue of doctors and other healthcare workers, along with the solution we offer to our patients,” states Mr. Rupak Barua – Director & CEO of AMRI.

Dynamic Persona

Mr. Rupak took up the stewardship of the company in 2014, bringing a fresh perspective to AMRI’s operations. A graduate of Calcutta University, he is a pioneer in healthcare marketing who found his calling in healthcare administration.

Mr. Rupak took the group to greater heights and opening up a new vista by working on a healthcare setup that is focused on better clinical outcomes, backed by advanced technologies, which helped in providing more precise clinical outcomes.

“Running a group of multi-specialty hospitals has its challenges, particularly since it has a huge workforce and human errors are bound to happen. But, our primary focus is to continue providing quality service to our patients, with our signature brand of care and compassion,” he asserts.

Contributing to the Healthcare Sector

Being a multi-specialty hospital group, AMRI Hospitals provides a wide range of protocols, from cardiac sciences, orthopedics, nephrology, gastroenterology, and oncology, to offering solutions for IVF, dental, eye, hair & skin treatments, among many others.

Earlier this year, AMRI launched the 361-degree program, under which, an all-round service platform has been developed, which does not just put forward sophisticated treatment processes, but also value-added services like pick-up and drop service for OPD patients, patient awareness forums, community outreach programs, teleconsultation, and virtual hospital visits, all keeping in mind the ongoing pandemic situation.

Future Landscape

AMRI Hospitals believes change is an inevitable part of life and hence, it is increasing the use of technology to offer better services. The digitalization of healthcare has been going on for some years now and the institute is looking to scale it up and upgrade the earlier treatment platforms into more advanced ones.

AMRI Hospitals will be offering more of its products on digital platforms as its teams are actively encouraged to decrease carbon footprint and build more sustainable and disruptive solutions.

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