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The Developer of Disruptive & Path-breaking Technologies that enable Cost-Effective Security Solutions for SMEs

With the rise of the digital era, there is also a rise in threats to security. In recent years, there have numerous reporting of data theft, ransom attacks, and other such cyber-attacks. It is then imperative for businesses to safeguard their data. The solutions available in the market, however, take a toll on several Small and Medium-sized enterprises’ budgets and hence, many choose not to implement these solutions.

Seeing the vacuum in the market, Synersoft Technologies developed its indigenous solution that addresses the security issues without burdening the SMEs budget. BLACKbox is a disruptive solution specifically designed for Indian Small and Medium Enterprises to prevent Data Loss, Leakage, and Theft. BLACKbox is adopted by thousands of Indian SME users to achieve business continuity and avoid competitive exploitation due to Data Loss, Leakage, and Theft.

Synersoft Technologies has also developed other innovative solutions. These solutions are aimed at minimizing IT infrastructure cost for SMEs, giving them leverage with state-of-the-art IT standardization. From data preservation, data security to fraud mitigation, and software licensing, the company has helped thousands of SMEs.

Synersoft Technologies is among those few dedicated companies that are solely and wholly focused on Indian Small and Medium Enterprises. Synersoft has a presence in most industrial pockets of India where MSMEs are heavily concentrated.

Innovative & Disruptive Institution

Synersoft Technologies is a portfolio company of CIIE at the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad. It was founded in 2008 to become a backbone IT solution provider among Indian MSMEs. The company understands that MSMEs cannot afford expensive and complex solutions. Hence, its goal is to provide cost-effective, simple, and self-service solutions to MSMEs to maintain business continuity and competitiveness.

The firm focuses on solving an acute and potentially damaging problem in the most cost-effective ways. It is the mover and shaker in the niche as it offers 5 years no questions asked hardware warranty on all products, while competitors are still lagging, offering only 3 years warranty.

Thriving on its strong Research and Development backbone on the JAVA platform, the company leads the competitors and set high benchmarks. Its state-of-the-art call center is equipped with sophisticated IVR systems, ticket tracking solutions, and CRM. Synersoft has built a one of its kind of center for Cloud Computing and Disaster Recovery that goes shoulder to shoulder with international standards.

For its innovative and disruptive development, Synersoft Technologies was bestowed with a gold medal and cash price for TMail-BLACKbox at IIGP – 2011, organized by FICCI, DST, Lokheed Martin Inc, Indo-US Chamber of Science and Technology, IC2 Institute - University of Texas, Austin.

An Insignia of Excellence

Synersoft Technologies challenged the traditional thought leadership and created its disruptive thought leadership. This unique approach towards the problem propelled it new heights. With its experience and expertise, it designed products with an objective of cost-effective and simplicity.

Founded by Mr. Vishal Shah – CEO of Synersoft, who is a serial entrepreneur and technocrat, the company is a forerunner in the niche.

He has laid the foundation and the company rests on 4 pillars – Trust, Technology, Processes, and Purpose. “We trust people, their ability, and give them space to make mistakes to emerge better contributors to the company. We are passionate about technology and we are good at it. We are a process obsessive company and nothing is done without a predefined process,” he asserts.

Future Landscape

Synersoft Technologies is experiencing tremendous growth. Due to the on-going coronavirus pandemic, several people are working from home. This has led to an increase in sales so much as much that the company is exploring opportunities to expand in the US and the UK. It will be starting with its best suits for Data Loss, Leakage, and Theft prevention in work from home model as well as every country in the world is tightening its privacy protection laws and cyber laws.

“Our company is committed to MSMEs. We help thousands of enterprise users to avoid competitive exploitation due to data leakage or theft over USB, by emails, by blind carbon copy, and over the Internet. We help our MSME customers to focus on their core business and let IT matters on us,” states Mr. Vishal.


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