Gaurav Mishra (Navayuvak Entrepreneurs) – Business Sight’s 10 Most Trusted Brands of the Year 2021

Empowering Young Entrepreneurs

Amid the Covid19 pandemic, India has experienced several job losses in the year. With a drastic change in the job ocean, the job losses have left the young and experienced workforce grappling for opportunities. The onset of the second wave has spelled more trouble for job seekers. The situation which India is tackling is dire and the solution does not look in sight. In such a time, all job searchers are wondering what steps they should take to ensure their future.

Navayuvak Entrepreneurs – a Mumbai-based education management agency is opening doors to entrepreneurship with its unique approach. It is on the mission to develop and foster the entrepreneurship ecosystem in India, make India the No. 1 start-up destination globally. Navayuvak Entrepreneurs is the pioneer in working for the startup ecosystem at the ground level and aims to become a one-stop hub for startups.

To become an entrepreneur, an individual must understand a spectrum of business operations from finance to marketing to sales and managing teams. Navayuvak Entrepreneurs has a sound understanding of this fact and therefore, it helps individuals with their training and education so that they could become the best entrepreneurs in the country. The firm prepares the mind of students via its product development team, market research, latest technologies, concepts, and case studies, and examples delivered by industry leaders.

Setting Up a Global Entrepreneur Hub

The goal of Navayuvak Entrepreneurs is to change the young and budding minds in the country. hence, the company has fostered strong collaborations with universities and major stakeholders in the ecosystem. It retains industry experts and mentors who are well-versed and have domain expertise. By conducting industry programs, events, seminars, etc., the company has established a vast network that benefits its students.

“At Navayuvak Entrepreneurs, our major focus is to ignite, develop and enhance the entrepreneurial mindset among students at grassroots levels, which include higher secondary schools, under-graduation institutions, and a few post-graduation centers, where through courses, training workshops, meet-ups, festivals, competitions, and campaigns, we work on establishing a sound environment to nurture young entrepreneurs and Startup ideas,” states Gaurav Mishra – Founder & Managing Director of Navayuvak Entrepreneurs.

Dynamic Leader Bringing a Change

Gaurav started his entrepreneurial journey at the tender age of 16. Since then, he has been passionately working and fostering the startup ecosystem by helping fellow entrepreneurs, and thereby, bringing a change and impacting many lives.

For his dedication towards his cause, he has been awarded the Karmaveer Chakra, Instituted by UN and iCongo. He is the person behind the inspiration of more than 8,000 students and budding entrepreneurs that are currently following their passion in diverse fields.

“We have positioned ourselves as a multifaceted platform having a three-fold approach to develop, support, and foster the entrepreneurship ecosystem in India. Navayuvak is a platform launched to give a boost to entrepreneurship empowering self-reliance, by increasing the number of entrepreneurs. We at Navayuvak Entrepreneurs came together to tackle this issue at its very base,” asserts Gaurav.

A Course for Everybody

Its ABCDE – Anybody Can Do Entrepreneurship a sought-after course. A highly custom-designed course for institutions per their timelines, providing months-long support with masterclasses, pre-incubation resources, and for those eligible ideas. Both incubation space and funding are offered along with mentorship and other support from exclusive trainers and domain experts globally.

Navayuvak Entrepreneurs is developing the Girlpreneurship program, Actionable Entrepreneurship program, e-learning courses, and many others.

“Our initiatives are delivered by both national and global industry experts, at cost-friendly prices, curated with regular consultation with the institutions, hence establishing trust and transparency,” states Gaurav.

The Measurable Impact of the Actions

Navayuvak Entrepreneurs has impacted over 8,000 students and has hosted over 300 events globally. It has invited judges around the world and has funded over 15 crores of working capital to get Mumbai University, Pune University, and recently Parul University on board.

Future Landscape

“One of our recent projects currently under-development focuses on providing highly affordable courses to be launched as a record globally of a private organization to launch an e-learning course across six countries simultaneously,” asserts Gaurav.

The community of entrepreneurs, investors, students, and faculties has grown drastically with Navayuvak Entrepreneurs. It envisions to enable 1000 startups by 2025 and lay the path to future unicorns in India.

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