Hiral Sanghvi, Welpack Industries Limited – Business Sight’s Best Performing Companies 2022

Pioneers of Packaging Solutions & Manufacturer of Hallmark of the Quality

Packaging solutions are vital for all industry verticals. In the age of eCommerce where products are on steady rise, packaging solutions have been more than important. Businesses need impeccable quality solutions at affordable costs. It comes as no surprise that the packaging industry is the fifth largest sector in India and is poised to reach USD 1.5 trillion by 2024.

The steep rise in packaging solutions in recent years can be accredited to food industry as well. The spurt in end-user segment of food and beverages is a leading cause along with the bubbling demand of online shopping. The Covid19 pandemic further pushed the demands and hence, a bright future awaits the Indian packaging industry.

For a well-established player like Welpack industries, the news is more than welcome. The company is one of the leading manufacturers in the country with a spectrum of products such as HDPE T-Shirt Bags, HDPE Tarpaulin, and rolls.

With over three decades of experience in manufacturing packaging material, Welpack is equipped with more than 300 professionals and the latest types of machinery to deliver top-notch quality solutions. The company is leveraging the golden opportunity to care for environment with its manufacturing products as it believes in recycling and that too with eco-friendly processes.

 Offering a Sustainable & Eco-friendly Future

Welpack Industries is well experienced when it comes to integrating current and future requirements in its products. The company has aim to offer its clients innovative, effective, and easy-to-use packaging solutions. It is not stopping at the milestone and is constantly delivering these solutions with utmost care for the environment. Every product manufactured by Welapck is 100% recyclable for a reason. The company is committed to its vision of a sustainable future.

Welpack Industries is leading the way towards sustainability with the following:

  1. Recycled Materials: It mainly uses post-consumer recycled materials
  2. Zero Waste: It always recycles its production waste for reuse
  3. Renewable Energy: Solar panels power its facilities and equipment
  4. Water Treatment: It has an in-house water treatment plant that helps it reuse water
  5. Eco-Friendly Products: Eco-Friendly Bio-Degradable and 100% recycled bags
  6. Carbon Footprint: It is continuously working to reduce its carbon footprints and contribute positively to circulating economy

“We, at Welpack, aim at producing a range of flexible packaging materials by keeping our high-quality standards intact. As responsible manufacturers, we want to change the way packaging is perceived. With every step we take, we envision a sustainable lifestyle that helps the world go green,” states Nimesh Sanghvi, Director.

A Forerunner with an Exemplary Vision

Welpack Industries can be defined with three words – Quality, Value, and Goodwill. These words govern the company’s every activity and give it rocksteady support in defining its image, hard work, and enhanced qualitative thinking. These values help Welpack in developing products for customers seeking quality, dependability, and excellence.

Welpack Industries is a leader in the niche because of its values, innovation, and sustainability vision. It offers cutting-edge packaging solutions to its customers by maintaining the following key factors:

  1. World-class manufacturing facilities
  2. Reliable & consistent product quality
  3. Capability to offer a wide range of products to all customers
  4. Nationwide distribution - every city and town in India is covered
  5. Authorized dealers selling genuine "Welpack" brands
  6. Great value for money products

The Beacon of Excellence

“Our leadership is functioning towards the vision of better quality products for end-users, economical price for distributor and friendly environment/atmosphere amongst the employees of the company,” says (name)

By implementing the latest technologies and processes, developing products with consistently high quality, bringing eco-friendliness, and conserving energy, Welpack Industries is already one of the best companies in the country. With an unshakable faith in its strength and stringent quality inspection processes, the company is growing by leaps and bounds.

In the packaging industry, committing a mistake is natural but Welpack’s determination to improve its quality and offer steady support to its customers and employees is of paramount importance.

A New Move

Welpack Industries is focused on expanding its prime product – Tarpaulin and entering untapped markets. Along with it, the company has unveiled garbage bags and under the aegis of Go Green, the company is offering its product to households, colleges, offices, shops, restaurants, hospitals, industries, etc.

For More Details: http://www.welpackind.com/