Manjula Pooja Shroff, Kalorex – Business Sight’s Best Performing Companies 2022

Shaping Glocal Learners

Education is perhaps the most crucial aspect of every individual’s life. It is a significant phase where individuals garner an understanding of the world around them. The understanding then assists them in creating or grabbing opportunities for the progress of all mankind. Education enables individuals to explore their full potential, refine their craft, and contribute to a cause.

Education has undergone several transformations over the millennia. In today’s world, individuals need to go beyond the learning curve to stay up to date with the drastically changing world. To offer the best platform to individuals to harness the power of education, promoted by Karmanya Education Foundation (Formerly Known as Calorx Education Research Foundation) established in 1995, the Kalorex Group set the bar high. The Group is forging ahead with its motto—Shaping Glocal Learners with a commitment to providing a safe and stimulating environment to prepare competent, compassionate, and creative thinkers in this rapidly changing

The Kalorex Group began its journey by establishing a flagship school—the Delhi Public School, Bopal, Ahmedabad, in 1996. Since then, the group has steadily expanded to more than 40 institutions, including strong networks of 9 K-12 institutions, preschools, CSR Projects & Special Projects, including Calorx Olive International School, a full spectrum IB school in Ahmedabad, and Calorx Public Schools in Rajula, Mundra, Ahmedabad, and Bharuch.

Promising Education for All Sections of Society

The Kalorex Group has kept its door open for all sections of society. Projects like Visamo Kids Foundation for underprivileged children and Kalorex Prerna for students having learning difficulties are initiated by Kalorex. The group is also focused on empowering women, along with education for all. Therefore, for unskilled women, the Kalorex Group is offering them vocational training under the institute VEDIC-Vocational Educational Development Institute of Calorx.

Offering a platform to all is only half-battle done. Next comes quality in education. The group believes that quality education depends not just on the quality of teaching but also on the quality standards set by the schools for overall administration and governance for all aspects of the schools. The vision set by the group is shared by all stakeholders and is inherited by teachers, staff members, and other stakeholders as well.

"Kalorex has always held its teachers to high standards, ensuring that they have access to ongoing professional development opportunities. While at Kalorex, teachers continue to strengthen their skills, which demonstrates in the classroom teaching aspects as well. Quality standards established by kalorex Quality Manual Benchmarks its standard practices. The schools are audited annually on the standards and, the reports assist in maintaining checks and balances and ensuring that standards are met "Dr. Manjula Pooja Shroff, MD, and CEO of the Kalorex group, says this.

Thriving under Exemplary Leadership

Dr. Shroff is an edupreneur, a Vlogger, President of India awardee, and an achiever of her own sort who inspires many. She has brilliant acumen and rocksteady foundations for business ventures, as she has been instrumental in establishing and dealing with several premier schools. With over two and a half decades of experience in the education sector, she has etched an ingenious methodology towards education.

Dr.Shroff is a leader who believes in participative leadership. She deemed a flat rather than a hierarchical structure in the organization was necessary. This approach has empowered all the staff members to be responsible and accountable for their roles in their respective institutes. She is regarded as a remarkable and successful individual due to her strong will and unique approaches in the industry.

New Horizons

Kalorex Group is focusing on bringing education to learners at their fingertips after affecting hundreds of lives all through the years. As per the organisation, this is a fantastic opportunity for children to learn about everything that is available around the world. There are numerous venues for interacting with student communities throughout the world and sharing experiences. Students are effectively engaged and exposed to other countries and cultures through online student exchange programmes.

Last year, the company launched eKal, a digital learning platform, with the goal of expanding into the preschool market. More K-12 schools, both company-managed and company-run, are also in the works, according to the group.

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