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Vikas Kumar, Founder & CEO (Digitoonz)

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“Be honest from the Get-go.”

Imagination is vital for any business; it is the first step to lay the foundation of a massive idea. An idea is always backed by the way it is sold out to customers, and hence the idea needs to be presented creatively and innovatively. For innovation and creativity, there is no better way than to harness the 2D/3D animation industry and take advantage of it. Numerous companies offer animation services in India and the World over; the need is to identify a company that suits your requirement and give you a customized solution which is quirky in its way.

BS Most Inspiring CEOs of the Year 2019

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Technology has eased people’s lives in various fields and education is no exception now. Remembering the old conventional method of teaching where a teacher had to take care of numerous works apart from teaching, such as, taking attendance, maintaining correspondence with parents on regular intervals.

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Pristine Ideas

To say that the advertising industry is a challenging field is an understatement. An advertiser’s arena is constantly changing, with pressing demands from clients, and consumer trends that change in the blink of an eye. It is crucial to stand out and make a mark, a feat that can be performed only by the most dedicated and passionate experts.

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Training has evolved remarkably in the corporate world over the last few decades. But as competition gets tougher, combined with the economic slowdown, companies in India are leaving no stone unturned to get leaner and fitter.

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SareStates Realty Advisors

Taking over an organization and competing in the ever challenging industry takes a great deal of perseverance and skill. The real estate sector poses as a significant challenge and is placing new demands each day.

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Team Sustain

Meet George Mathew, a Climate Challenger for over 25 years. Starting as early as 1994, Mr.Mathew established Team Sustain, a company which specializes in engineering Clean and Green Solutions to address real world problems, and help fight Climate Change. And is one of the first Clean Tech Companies in the World. The projects initiated by him has  helped fight Climate Change, bring in rural development through introduction of sustainable infrastructure, fight poverty and help improve living conditions in their regions of operations.

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Nine Colours

At the tender age of 20 while pursuing B. Com, Jigar Agrawal, laid the foundation of his dream- nineco- It has been 6 years now and nineco- has flourished, keeping the Indian Ethnic Wear alive allover the world. Starting up as an E-Com- merce platform, in its 6 years has established itself as a platform selling products in more than 220 countries all across the world and is a complete retail brand with two retail shops in Mumbai.

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Are you exasperated with the traffic congestion and noise? With the increasing population and pollution in the city, everyday is a struggle to reach home and spend quality time with your loved ones. Majority look for a place which is quiet, calm and away from the hustle and bustle of the city where they can relax and enjoy.

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Apollo Infoways

Apollo Infoways Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading providers of Network Security and Education Solutions. It provides solutions to academic institutions and corporate organizations for improving their performance via appropriate solutions. It also helps the companies in creating an environment that promotes a community of constant learning and improvement.

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DigitalIndian Business Solutions

For an economy that is expected to witness immense growth in the coming years, skills in technology, infrastructure and engineering are crucial. The right kind of skills equipped by employees can create immense difference to both an organization and the economy as a whole.

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Role of Technology in the New-Gen Workspace

Office workspaces have become a staple for the young millennial, with over 95% of them being employed in one way or the other. And with the changing times, workspaces have also revolutionized themselves in terms of style, décor and ease of comfort.

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Innovations & Trends in Indian Food & Beverage Market

India with its economic growth, is seen as most potential market for food & beverage. Consumers are increasingly looking for convenient, affordable, healthier food. Chefs and operators should seek out collaborations and investments in emerging companies that could benefit from their infrastructure and experience to serve fast-changing consumer demand.