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Stephen Hendry (CEO - Artha IT Group)

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Artha IT Group

The advent of Cloud technology has changed the IT landscape completely. Its power remains unchallenged. Organizations around the globe are actively incorporating Cloud in the processes and operations. Cloud technology has transformed how businesses operate. The strategies and visions of the future have taken a drastic turn as its power is impacting every sector. With Cloud technology making big waves in the industries, Artha Infotama – an Indonesian based IT company, harnessed the power of the Cloud. It is at the forefront, leading revolutionary changes thanks to its innovative and productive Cloud solutions. The company enables its clients to drive high ROI with its Cloud solutions.

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The digital era has transformed the industries. Technology is becoming increasingly sophisticated day by day. Cloud technology is making big waves as it is the most innovative solution in storing big chunks of data.

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Blaze PR

It was once presumed that Public Relation (PR) was a dark art wholly focused on objective of persuasion. This singular objective is what plagued the category with such missives as “spin doctors” “snail oil peddlers” and “false advertisers”.

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InterWeave Smart Solutions

The Cloud has been making big waves in the industry with its unique abilities, it is transforming the industries in unprecedented ways. Several organizations have migrated to the Cloud, and many are in transition.

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Nirmalya Labs Private Limited

The IT industry is undergoing a paradigm shift. The latest technology is pushing its boundaries. Organizations are constantly on lookout to implement new technology in their system to take advantage of and become leaders in their respective niches.

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The Pickle Juice Company

Founded in 2001, The Pickle Juice Company evolved from replenishing the electrolytes that are lost during the strenuous workouts to a scientifically backed formula that is proven to stop and prevent muscle cramps.

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Werner Enterprises

The supply chain sector has grown exponentially in recent years, except the last year due to countrywide lockdowns and the pandemic effects. The niche is paving the way for technology inclusion at a rapid pace to evolve and meet changing demands.

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Pipeline Before People

Rich comes to from a long heritage of sales leadership roles from IBM to Miller Heiman and Vistage among others. In his own words: “It's a human world where integrity, experience, and relationships matter.

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What does 2021 look like?

Every year I review the studies and the research of our digital lab, what I have learned from our clients and the conferences I have attended, the books and the many articles I have read during the year to try to bring out interesting trends and projections to share.