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Vin Gupta (Founder , Infofree )

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Finding prospects to grow sales is always a vital factor for businesses. To succeed and stay relevant, sales must grow whether businesses are selling products, services, or even themselves as a personal brand. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that they understand the process of selling and utilizing available resources to maximize the chance of making a sale. For making sales, businesses need high-quality leads. These leads separate successful businesses from failed ones. For the sake of generating leads, businesses often download a list off the internet and start pursuing them, wasting their time and resources. Getting the information is one, however, generating high-quality leads is an art that only few have mastered.

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BlackBox Startup Law

When working with startups, we know that they (and their team) need to dream and create new universes, new unforeseen markets, even if that means taking a non-customarily approach to the Law and the regulations, they need to push the envelope without breaking it.

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Enano Health

Enano Health Limited was founded in Hong Kong in the year 2010 and was accepted to the Incubio programme of the Hong Kong Science Park. The company has developed a series of saliva-based solutions for self-health management and fast screening of multiple diseases based on the company’s patented platform technology.

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IG International Pvt. Ltd

Started as a fruit trader in Jalandhar, IG International Pvt. Ltd. today is a global importer and exporter of fresh fruits and in the year 2002, IG shifted its office to Mumbai. IG International is one of the largest importers of fresh fruits in India for the last 50 years and has built up its capacity.

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Phenix Salon Suites Franchising, LLC

Coming from a family who has been in the industry since 1929, Gina Rivera, was destined to pursue a career in the world of beauty. From her early roots of sweeping hair from the floors of her parent’s salon, Gina attended beauty school.

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Ubiminds connects nearshore engineering talent and high-performance distributed teams. We are a talent powerhouse. Ubiminds does tech recruitment and staff augmentation throughout the software development lifecycle.

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Market and consumer behavior in covid-19 pandemic.

Since the start of the covid-19 pandemic, the whole world has been going through a very hard time. People are getting unemployed which is making them more insecure.

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What are AliExpress and Dropshipping

Internet as a medium of communication has allowed us to go for digital marketing in a highly convenient way. E-commerce has made it more easier and comfortable for people to check out everything they want in a few clicks.