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Business in Pandemic

Being in Technological education for the past two decades, I see pandemic as a catalyst to technological disruption in Business […]

How Cryptocurrency Came Into Existence

A digital or virtual currency developed to work as a medium of exchange just like any other currency is a […]

Characteristics of Trustworthy Companies

There are several ways to define the traits of a trustworthy company. Every person has his/her perception of these traits […]

Top 20 Money making youtubers 2020

Launched in the year 2005, YouTube’spopularity grew day by day. In the recent times, it has become a factory which […]

Top 10 Innovative Smart Gadgets Year 2020

Exceptionally innovative and simply smart gadgets  Technology has been enriching our lives in all aspects. The innovation and advancements in […]

Top 30 Franchises in the world 2020

A company figures out how to make its brand work in different cultures across the globe. A franchise is the […]

Top 10 Best Stock Market Investment Sites 2020

Trading has around since the dawn of humanity. With time, the methods have changed but the essence stays the same. […]

How technology is transforming HR?

Increased attention on topics traditionally considered the realm of HR such as discrimination, harassment, diversity, workplace culture, etc., are making […]

Top 10 best credit card service providers 2020

In today’s digital world, technology has changed the ways business is conducted. It is then important to choose the right […]

Improving Digital Commerce Conversions through Intelligent Test Automation

“Put yourselves in the customer’s shoes” is popular in the selling world. This holds true for the Digital Commerce space […]

Impact of COVID on Knowledge Process Offshoring (KPO) Industry in India

The worldwide outbreak of the COVID virus has pushed everyone to their limits without doubt and the KPO industry is […]

How waste management has witnessed a healthy growth rate?

Waste management has witnessed a healthy growth rate in the last few years owing to a greater spread of awareness […]