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Abhishek Agarwal, Senior Vice President (Judge India)

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Judge India

Businesses around the world are looking for top talents in the respective niches and organizations will always be needing these talents to thrive. With the competition growing steep each day, talents are getting absorbed in those organizations that are exclusively looking for the people to excel in the domain. Under the piles of applications and skill-sets, an organization requires to streamline the process to sort the best from the rest and make the process hassle-free for most of the recruitment.


BS Best Performing Companies 2020

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100 Kraft

Modern luxury has more in its treasure chest to offer, and today clever designers are integrating unique designs and reinventing the concept of interior designing. These days, one barely sees any house exclusive of interior. Interior décor enhances the aesthetics and fascinates the observer in a moment as we are naturally drawn to beautiful creations.

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Datacrux Insight

Data is becoming powerful than ever. In the technology-dominated world, leveraging the usage of data can alter a scenario drastically. From gain insights to employing strategies, data can be used in numerous ways to gain an edge over competitors in businesses or understand niche customers to enhance the products and services to fit the taste of the customers.

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Creativity is a buzz word that almost every sector uses and there is the reason for emphasizing it as creativity unlocks the door that could unleash the huge potential to boost the businesses around the world. With innovation and a unique curve to the products and services, businesses can easily garner attention and attract the crowd to their business.

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Fespro Foods

Eating taste and healthy food are becoming a trend as the world is observing the severe effects of junk food. The doctors are encouraging, the parents are advising the young ones to choose healthy foodstuff. In the world filled with unhealthy and junk food, Fespro Foods brings nutrition deliciously and the taste of health filled with goodness.

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Manhaday Consultants

With the pace of globalization, many players in the varied industries wish to collaborate and expand their unique footprint across the world. This venture has brought numerous corporations together to work on something bigger and better, hence, the capital in the sectors has also skyrocketed due to various effects.

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PiLog Group

Digital Transformation is causing a lot of disruption in the market as part of fourth industrial revolution that every industry would like to capitalize. As enterprises are seeking to leave digital footprints throughout the world, many players are emerging to bring enterprises to work smartly, online and ease the shifting from traditional ways to digital.

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Raghnall Insurance Broking & Risk Management

Risk is a constant factor that influences every being on the face of the planet. It is an integral part of every situation and everyone’s life. Not a day goes by if people are not surrounded by risk, even if it is as simple as walk across the street.

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With digital transformation dominating industries and revolutionizing the trends, there are numerous niches where businesses are slowly being digitized. From their working processes to their employee hiring processes, everything is gradually being transformed. The advertising industry was among the few domains that incorporated the digital transformation at an early stage.

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SMFS(Sanjay Mehta Financial Services)

Who can deny the perennial need for financial planning? Everyone requires a blueprint for their future to achieve their goals and lead a life free of financial struggles. Financial planning is the process of identifying your financial goals and achieving them with a clear, focused and customized game plan.

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The telecom sector is significantly developing in the country and it is the reason why people are connected to each other across the globe. With the rise in data and speed, everyone needs seamless services to keep pace with requirements. Shyam Spectra Pvt. Ltd. is a company that proffers excellent services in the telecom sector and is a part of the Shyam Group, having over 4 decades of engineering excellence and growth in the telecom sector.

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TATA Projects

TATA Projects Ltd. is a diversified construction and infrastructure company. It is one of the fastest-growing and most admired infrastructure companies in India and has expertise in executing large and complex urban and industrial infrastructure projects. TATA Projects offers turnkey solutions for construction of roads, bridges, fully integrated rail & metro systems, commercial building & airports and setting up power generation plants

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Tunwal E-Vehicle India

There has come a dire need to address the climate changes and many nations are in pursuit of clean and sustainable energy. Hence, electrification of mobility is not only a step towards a better future but also a necessity before things get out of hands. Many big players are slowly turning towards electrification and countless start-ups are finding the light of the day to address this pressing issue and thereby make mobility better, efficient, and eco-friendly.

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How Businesses Can Boost Performance

It's a fact that the pace of change is so fast that mergers and acquisitions are on the rise as one of the best ways of achieving strategic growth and in all fairness, there are dozens of angles to cover it from: employee health, workplace dynamics, and even office. Leading a team whether it consists of 10 team members or 100 is never easy as all of those aspects matter.

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