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Mehroof Manalody - Chairman & Managing Director (G-TEC Group of Institutions)

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G-TEC Group of Institutions

Established in the year 2001, G-TEC Group of Institutions is an education network operating in more than 19 countries. The institutions have more than 600 quality learning centers. It has trained over 2 million alumni along with on-board students counting over 1 lakh. G-TEC offers certifications from major IT giants such as Microsoft, Adobe, SAP, Autodesk, IIBI, ACCA, etc. It has popularized quality learning and content among common people.


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Kaya Blenders & Distillers

Since the dawn of humanity, humans have been indulged in some sort of thing which later translated into liquor. With the discovery of spirit, human beings across all race, civilization, and geography relished the joy of moments it brought. From peasants to nobles to royals, all have a history with spirits and as the clock ticked away

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Sensys Technologies

With streamline solutions making every niche efficient and productive, businesses and organizations are embracing the cutting-edge solutions to leverage their processes. As Accounting, Payroll and HR management domains play an important role in business activities, organizations are seeking streamline and tailored solutions across their number of employees, and verticals.

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Dyna Biotech

Biotechnology plays a vital role in today’s technology-dominated world. This field of science is responsible for developing technologies that rely on living things, medicine and other crucial aspects of the living. Biotechnology encompasses sciences like genetic, microbiology, animal cell structure

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Natura Biotechnol

Plant extracts form the backbone of many spheres such as Ayurveda, Cosmetic, Foods & Beverages, etc. Since industries depend upon extracts to develop various products, the quality of extracts must be top-notched. To ensure the essence of the extracts remain intact, Natura Biotechnol employs innovation in its processes, and hence delivers high-quality content.

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Digitalization of logistic industry

The global logistics industry has grown tremendously over the years and there have been significant improvements in logistics infrastructure worldwide as we are seeing new global pressures, opportunities in e-commerce markets, and alliances combining around new technologies.

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Bringing smart living with co-living

Co-living is the most preferred living option for any urbanite located in the fast-paced metro cities of the country. Given the advantage of manageable budget that meets the workplace-proximity aspects, co-living communities rising at the chosen hot spots of the city are an ideal option for the millennial population who are entwined in the hustle of the city life.