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Nalin Singh , Founder (Natio Cultus)

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Natio Cultus

Natio Cultus, is a global strategy consulting & financial advisory company, which offers counsel to its clients on strategic issues that decide the future of their organization.The counselling that they provide to their clients helps them to be quicker and solve their toughest and most critical business problems. Natio Cultus offers solutions which are not confined to corporate hierarchy; instead, they break the stereotypes and align the organization for optimum focus towards the clients & markets.

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Apex Risk Management

Apex Risk is an inevitable part of human life, and there is no aspect of life which is not at risk, it can be financial , related to health or business performance. There is an emerging need in the era of globalization of companies which offer reliable risk management solutions that give much peace of mind to customers and make their lives more secure.

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ARKA Integrated Project Management Solutions is a unique company based out of Hyderabad with its project offices at NCR, Mumbai, and Bangalore. With a vision to become a premier Project Management and Architecture Consultancy that build value through Excellence and innovation, the company stands tall on the pillars of quality, safety, ethics, and integrity.

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Banthia & Co. Advocates

Access to the client, personal relationship, confidentiality, and reputation are the important characteristics of Banthia and Co. Advocates; one of the leading sole-ownership and proprietorship based law firms in India. The firm deals in business consulting, litigation, property and real estate matters and in the process of providing solutions, the firm provides valuable insights regarding the development in the field of the economic and commercial scenario of India.

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East Corp Group

Investing in the Fire, safety and security was once considered as an overhead expense and not an investment as only a few business owners understand its real value. Usually, facility owners do not take safety and security measures seriously and take corrective or remedial action only when something wrong happens. They are also unaware of the industry's best practices and statutory compliances.

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IBA and Associates

IBA Architects have grown to a one-point contact for their customers in the space of design and build. Since 6 years we have focused on delivering quality and aspired to be the trend setters for the industry. We seek to bring and achieve balance. A balance between comfort and design solutions, energy and conservation, future and sustainability.

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Learning Levers

Learning Levers is a Corporate Training and Human Resource Consulting Organisation that is built to foster continuous learning and growth. Its primary objective is to help business houses build a better and empowered working environment by bringing out the best in their people, bridging competency and skill gaps and creating high-performing teams.

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New Horizon

Technology has replaced everything, from the way we work to spend and even save . However, the only thing which technology cannot replace is the human being; he is the axis on which most of the businesses revolves, and he is of paramount importance when it comes to making decisions and analyzing facts. Of all the job roles that are present in the corporate world, HR is the most crucial and cannot run without human intervention.

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Shrikhande Consultant

India is a country with huge and extensive infrastructure which has played a vital role in shaping its economy. A well-laid road or a well-planned fly over certainly saves your time and makes you feel proud to be a part of such a country. Little did we know about who are the people who have made our lives so easy, till the time their projects start speaking about their work.

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Newstar Consulting

In this millennial age we are all in the midst of different sorts of innovations. All that we need is only a solitary snap away. One such thing is again conceivable with any pursuit of employment. There are sufficient measure of sites and applications which help you surf around and go over such a significant number of sources for getting an appropriate line of work. Despite the fact that the test in this undertaking is to discover a source which is dependable and trustworthy.

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Transhuman Consulting

Transhuman Consultingis an upcoming name in the field of Transformative Interventions both for an individual as well as for the organisations, and fast establishing itself as a thought leader in the space of Non-traditional and Human Centric approaches for Human Transformation, applicable in almost all context, be it Business or Individual. Organisation today has some unique offerings in the space of wholistic wellness, Leadership and Organisation Development.

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XIPHIAS Immigration

XIPHIAS is a company that is technically sound and created systems that satisfy every requirement of its clients and provide much support than expected. The company has a mobile-based Application and a CRM which was developed by its in-house technical team that acts as the window for its clients to check the status of their VISA Process and update necessary documents as is needed.

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Project Consultants- Turning Business Problems Into Wins

The growth of a business is never the result of the efforts of a single person; instead, it is the joint efforts of professionals with different domain expertise who contribute their best towards the growth. Professionals also include project consultants, who can be both on-roles and an outsourced entity who have enough expertise in the field under consideration.

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Project Consultants and their role in Various Functions

Project Consultants can be a real asset to an enterprise provided the team knows the goal points that they expect from them. A project consultant can be various things to various industries and mainly depending upon the specific requirement, fuels the growth of the organization, invariably. There is ‘n’ number of roles and domain expertise that a consultant owns, and with a specific set of deliverables, plays a unique role in the organization.

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Skills To Become Stupendous Project Consultant

Every enterprise, big or small, seek Project consultation to fulfill one of its requirements. Project Consultation is a dynamic field and requires hours of hard work and meticulous planning. There are often tight deadlines and clear deliverables expected from Project Consultants. While, it is demanding to be a project consultant, it is also rewarding to be associated with various organizations and to do what you like and what you are good at.