Month: March 2020

Next Generation Leadership Quality – BS 10 Next Generation Companies to Watch 2020

Brief With the growth of new tools like artificial intelligence, robotics, machine learning, and automation, a new system is developing […]

Cover Story – Abhishek Agarwal – Senior Vice President- Judge India – BS Best Performing Companies 2020

Proffering Workforce Solutions across the Globe Businesses around the world are looking for top talents in the respective niches and […]

Tips for CEOs to become successful entrepreneurs

These days, it seems like everyone is hoping to become an entrepreneur and come up with ‘the next big thing,’ […]

How businesses can boost performance

It’s a fact that the pace of change is so fast that mergers and acquisitions are on the rise as […]

Amit K Mali, Jhumarmal Tunwal (Tunwal E-Vehicle India) – BS Best Performing Companies 2020

A Step Towards Sustainable Future There has come a dire need to address the climate changes and many nations are […]

Vinayak K Deshpande (TATA Projects) – BS Best Performing Companies 2020

Accelerating India’s Progress  TATA Projects Ltd. is a diversified construction and infrastructure company. It is one of the fastest-growing and most […]

Udit Mehrotra (Spectra) – BS Best Performing Companies 2020

Existing to Make Life Better The telecom sector is significantly developing in the country and it is the reason why […]

Shrey Mehta (Sanjay Mehta Financial Services) – BS Best Performing Companies 2020

Leading The Way Towards a Secure Future Who can deny the perennial need for financial planning? Everyone requires a blueprint […]

G. Rammohan, Selva K (Skyrams) – BS Best Performing Companies 2020

21st Century Advertising Solutions With digital transformation dominating industries and revolutionizing the trends, there are numerous niches where businesses are […]

Amit Goel,Yagnesh Dosshi (Raghnall Insurance Broking & Risk Management) – BS Best Performing Companies 2020

Optimum Insurance Solutions across the full spectrum of Corporate and Business Risks Risk is a constant factor that influences every […]

Imad A. Syed (PiLog Group) – BS Best Performing Companies 2020

A Global Leader in the Data/Digital Management, Governance & Analytics Offering Digital Transformation is causing a lot of disruption in […]

Uday Hegde (Manhaday Consultants) – BS Best Performing Companies 2020

A Boutique Investment Banking Firm With the pace of globalization, many players in the varied industries wish to collaborate and […]