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Andy Khawaja, CEO, Allied Wallet

Andy Khawaja, CEO, Allied Wallet

Technology has changed the way we live, the way we earn and the way we spend. Gone are the days when customers have to carry a huge amount of cash, in any currency, to make purchases; everything has now shifted to electronic medium. The advent of e-commerce has given rise to online shopping where just by a click of mouse and a simple e-wallet or bank transfer results in buying the product of your choice. Sellers too find it convenient to sell products through websites instead of spending a lot of money on fancy stores and staff.

BS Most Prominent Tech Companies 2019

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In today’s knowledge-hungry era, it has become crucial to bring together people, processes and technologies to enable more effective and dynamic use of information technology and communication. More value-based innovative solutions


The breakthrough changes in technology have metamorphosed businesses. Companies today seek to digitally transform their business operations for instant visibility, collaboration, and communication. No service exists which does not make


Technology has touched all aspects of our lives, and education is not far from it. When technology gets blended with education, it produces stupendous results which benefit all the stakeholders, from students to their parents, teachers,

Trilliant Networks, Inc

Trilliant: Powering the Energy Industry Through Intelligence and Connectivity In the world full of smart and intelligently connected systems, a company that uses antiquated systems can be easily wiped out of the market. Especially for energy

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