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Founding Partners ( Solar Energy Partners )

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Solar Energy Partners

The adoption of solar energy is gaining momentum in the United States. According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, solar-generated electricity accounted for 43% of all new electricity-generating capacity in the US in 2020. This was the largest share of new generating capacity for solar energy.

Currently, about 19.2 GW of solar photovoltaic cells are installed in America, which powers more than 17.7 million American homes. It is predicted that the U.S. solar industry will quadruple in market share in the next 10 years.

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Chandrashekar is the Founder of ANOVA, who has almost two decades of experience in various multinationals and with diversified sectors such as FMCG, Life Insurance, Audit & Assurance and Oil & Gas.

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BeCloud Solutions

Digital disruption is a must for industries to step into the future. In the dire necessity of managing IT infrastructure, organizations need help from an expert in the niche. Managed IT services are often required by businesses in order to improve their operations and cut expenses.

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Technology has been implemented to solve ‘n’ number of problems. With AI and ML, revolution is fast approaching. Human-technology synchronization is one of the rapidly evolving fields thanks to this advancement.

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Events can augment businesses’ visibility and thereby profitability. Events play a centripetal role, connecting an organizations story, mission, and dedication towards community causes. Events are key towards mesmerizing the populace, organizations stress a quality experience.

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The Gracious F

The Gracious F is the leading colour solutions consultancy in GCC, dedicated to assisting people and organizations in benefitting through the power of Colour Science and Psychology.

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Risk management is an integral part of the supply chain. This activity involves process improvement, forming strategic alliances, and developing suppliers. It is essential to address the right risks with the right strategies.

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How to motivate people to buy

When you have a website that is related to business like shopping, you have to motivate your customers to buy from you. There are many ways to do so. All you need is a perfectly designed website and strong social media connection.

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Top 10 biggest banks in the world 2021

Imagine an economy having no existence of the banking system. Banks play a pivotal role in the modern economic world. The banking sector lends robust financial support to private and public sector development.