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Rajeshwari Hariharan (Founder - Rajeshwari & Associates)

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Rajeshwari & Associates

With more than a million enrolled advocates across the country, the Indian legal profession is one of the largest in the world. The profession is undergoing a huge transformation as the excellence in different spheres of the practices is pushing the boundaries. With technological and other developments, the profession has international reputation and it is only climbing higher. The noble profession is assessed by standards of legal ethics that are integral part of the Indian legal profession. With development and ethics, the Indian legal profession has experienced steady growth.

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Creators Cage Architects

The art of crafting aesthetically pleasing spaces is one of the booming industries. Enhancing the interiors to achieve aesthetics is rapidly developing in India as more and more people are seeking beauty in their homes.

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Healthcare services especially in the pandemic time are of vital importance. The focus of healthcare services is on managing various aspects of patients’ requirements. The professionals have little to no time for addressing the ever-growing regulations.

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En Pointe Adwisers LLP

The ever-changing policies and complexity of tax, corporate advisory, and accounting hamper organizations' progress. These factors differ from industry to industry and hence, firms have to constantly be on their toes to adapt the policies and verify the process.

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Kavuri Hills

The real estate industry in India is one of the biggest and largest sectors. It is expected to touch USD 1 trillion by 2030 and is touted to contribute at least 13 percent to the country’s GDP.

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Ruby Hall Clinic

The Indian healthcare industry is one of the biggest industries in the country in terms of both revenue and employment. Its competitive edge lies in the large pool of well-trained medical professionals and the advancement of technology.

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Ummeed Counselling & Consulting Services

India is a country where mental health awareness is not acknowledged on regular basis. Although 10 percent of Indians are struggling with mental illness, the need to address their needs is still lacking behind.

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How to make sales on Instagram and make money

With the gradual advancement in the digital transformation process, people are more likely to find a way to make money online through various processes such as affiliating programs, freelancing, influencing people etc.

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The journey of women entrepreneurs in India

International Labor Organization concluded its research by stating that advancing women’s equality in business would increase the global GDP by USD 5.8 trillion by 2025.