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Jiten Thakkar (CEO - Local Forever )

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Local Forever

One of the most powerful marketing tools, digital marketing is upscaling the marketing niche with innovative ideas and creative posts. With digital marketing, businesses are experiencing increased traffic to their website and store, and hence, they have seen a boost in their sales. Seeing unparalleled results of digital marketing at affordable cost and less time, today, firms are hiring digital marketing experts to augment their business growth and traffic.

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Book Keeper

There are several apps and websites for accounts, invoicing, GST, VAT, etc., and businesses only get tangled while working on them. The constant need to jump from app to app or website to website is a hassle.

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Though India’s financial market education industry is booming, there is little order and structure to it. The increase in financial learners was reported earlier but the boom came from around 14 million new Demat accounts opened in FY20-21.

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Medryte Healthcare Solutions

The onset of the Covid19 pandemic put forth a series of challenges for service providers and communities across the globe. Personal healthcare providers found it more troublesome to offer services because of the nature of their industry.

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Nexx Consulting

India is considered the global hub of outsourcing. Thanks to the country’s rising talent pool, companies around the globe seek Indians for various positions. To offer the global companies the necessary skilled talent, the human resource industry in the country experienced a spurt of growth in the decades.

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Nityanand Genetic Laboratory

Genetic testing is concerned with patient’s genes and chromosomes. By analyzing them, the specialist can use the genes to find suitable therapy for a patient suffering from extreme diseases. In India, genetic counseling is still a new concept, but patients are being proactive towards their healthcare.

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OG Hemp

Climate change is fueling the need to reinvent the processes and operations of several industries. The urgency is need of the hour because if global temperatures continue to rise at the rate at which they are rising, the environmental effects would be unforgiving.

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Shyam Future Tech

In the digital age, businesses must go digital if they want to remain relevant and competitive. Digital transformation is the need of the hour. It is the ability to rethink old processes, become agile to serve customers, and find new, better-operating models via experiments.

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Urja Building Services Consultants

Building services are the invisible element in the construction industry. The sector is concerned with design, manufacture, and installation of all the engineering systems. These systems ensure comfortable, safe, and pleasant constructed buildings.

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Becoming a Customer Centric Brand

By going the extra mile, a core value of the brand, you are able to build experiences that please time and time again, and this is the priority for your business if you are willing to become a customer-centric company.

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The importance of transparency and ethics in business

Loss of money and position in the market is not a difficulty or a threat to a business, but the actual and heavy loss for a business is losing the ethics and transparency within the firm.