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Ashis Sen (Founder & Chairman - Powercab)

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The invention of elevators has changed the town planning landscape. With them, gone is the need for tedious climbs. Today’s buildings are touching the sky, and to climb the stairs to reach the top floor seems absurd if possible. Thanks to the invention of elevators, modern buildings are empowered to climb higher and higher.  As technology is advancing at an unprecedented pace, it is revolutionizing the way our world works today. The lift and elevator industry is no exception to this revolution as lifts and elevators are simplifying people’s lives with just the touch of a button. The innovation in the lift and elevator industry is unlocking new horizons to enhance people’s lives even further.


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Emirates Logistics India

People in the logistics industry are called the movers and shakers of the world. Because of its rigorous efforts, goods reach corners of the world. With a wide network, mass movement, distribution, storage, transportation, manpower the industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world.

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Globe Forwarding Agencies

We are a Performance-Driven Company Offering Unparalleled Shipping, Logistics, Project Freight Management, Transportation, & Custom Clearance Solutions. The logistics industry is playing a vital role by enabling quick shipments through the transportation network, with the rapid adoption of new technology.

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Henson Group

The initiative from Microsoft – Azure Expert Managed Service Provider (MSP) is a global program, highlighting and promoting only the most capable partners. The program is intended to help organizations around the globe identify the top partners.

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Potensia Systems

Organizations have migrated or are migrating to IT infrastructure thanks to the boost in the effectiveness of processes and operations. Streamlined IT infrastructure is the backbone of today’s firms.

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RAHI ENGenius Solutions LLP

Two friends, Raja Praneeth Kumar Pothagani and Himanshu Devvrat Bhatt together started RAHI ENGenius Solutions LLP- RahiES in November 2016 with the vision to provide comprehensive mechanical engineering solutions.

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RMZ Corp 

The Indian real estate industry is growing exponentially - powered by the rapid economic growth  the country is witnessing. Despite the global pandemic, we see an increasing demand for  commercial office spaces, not to mention residential, retail and warehousing spaces.

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Like a living entity, marketing is constantly evolving. The pace of evolution has accelerated in recent years, thanks to the introduction of leading edge technologies. Such unprecedented changes have never been witnessed by the marketing industry.

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Though technologies are advancing at a tremendous pace, businesses around the world still need people. AI and ML are slowly getting implemented but they are still far cry from human capabilities.

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The Future is in Automation

This article wasn’t written by a Tech Bot, but it could well have been. That, along with thousands of other use cases, is why automation will be big in the years to come.

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Why Would I Place my bet on Hyper Automation in the Post Pandemic Business

For managing and governing the company, what we need good strategic planning, organization, and ultimately the execution of the plan. But due to the Covid-19 pandemic, everything abruptly changed.