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Rishav Raj ( CEO - MRE Services India )

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MRE Services India

The new policies have enabled several organizations to flourish today as there is a push to become self-reliant. To achieve the goal, there are numerous schemes such as ‘Make in India’. With people taking advantage of the policies, presence and awareness about the brand has become more vital than ever. In today’s competitive world, businesses require extraordinary marketing solutions.

Business Sight’s Disruptive Companies at the Forefront of Innovation 2020

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AMRI Hospital

With the Coronavirus pandemic causing havoc in the world, medical facilities are being pushed to its limits. The latest technology, however, is playing a key role in delivering exceptional results.

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CapSavvy Consultants

In the present business scenario, Financial and business advisory firm plays an integral role in the growth of any business. In both challenging and favorable economic conditions, organizations strive to be creative and smart.


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Forthius Consulting

Finance is the most important aspect of anyone’s life. It defines the standard of living for any person. With higher penetration of financial services, robust innovations, and customer-friendly policies, the finance sector is experiencing exponential growth.


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Potensia Systems

With digitalization, IT infrastructure is becoming more important to numerous organizations. As the usage of the internet has increased in recent years, effective solutions have improved business operations and processes.

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The advent of digital technology has pushed the boundaries of the business world and there is a paradigm shift across the globe. The digital technology has a tremendous influence on customers’ preferences and also on their perspective.

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In today’s digitally driven world, data is everything. Some experts are calling data the new oil. From every connection, interaction to every transaction, observation, everything is tied up with data. It is simply everywhere.

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SkyTag Bioteq LLP

The centuries-old adage: Health is Wealth holds true even today. Health is the top priority for every individual on the planet. Without it, you cannot hope to achieve anything in this world and in recent years.

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Synersoft Technologies

With the rise of the digital era, there is also a rise in threats to security. In recent years, there have numerous reporting of data theft, ransom attacks, and other such cyber-attacks.

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iXceed Solution

With ever-changing technologies, the organizations are always on out for top talents in the industries. These candidates are the leaders of tomorrow and hence, they must possess a unique set of skills for the top roles.

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Frutunes Food Products

India is an agricultural country with more people practicing farming in various states of the country. It is also among the sectors which generate most of the employment, especially in rural and sub-urban areas. With experts forecasting massive growth in the niche, the global Agrotech market is expected to reach the worth of USD 24 billion by 2022.

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Top 20 Money Making YouTubers 2020

Launched in the year 2005, YouTube’spopularity grew day by day. In the recent times, it has become a factory which creates multi-millionaire internet mega-stars. Out of millions of YouTubers here are the top 20 money making YouTubers of the world. Have a look!


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Top 10 innovative smart gadgets year 2020

Smart gadgets make our life simple and safe. Gone are the days when automation was a part of the only production process. This is the era of cool gadgets which are upgrading lifestyle, empowering a healthy lifestyle, offering a secure and hassle-free life every individual needs to have