66% of German e-commerce taken by Amazon and eBay

Amazon, eBay and eBay Classifieds together are adding up to more than 66 percentof the market share in the ecommerce industry of Germany. Every other online retailer from the top 50 list usually cannot even cross 3 oercent of the market share. Accroding to a study, Amazon and Ebay are way ahead of all other major online shops in Germany.

Amazon, in today’s time has a market share of approximately 28.7 percent. While eBay has a 22.9 percent share in the German e-commerce. eBay Classifieds ranks third with a market share of 14.8 percent. These three e-commerce platforms account for more than 66percent of the German ecommerce market altogether. The other players are way out of their league with Otto Wish, and AliExpresshaving a 2.x market share. While the rest of the top 10 including Zalando, Lidl, H&M and Rossman score a market share somewhere between the 1 and 2 percent.

eBAy Classifieds- More popular as an app

Amazon has now found the way of strengthening its number one positionwith a gain of 3.9 percent as compared to last year.On the other hand Ebay lost 6.9 percent since the last year. While evaluating the individual online channels including dekstop, mobile, and app, it becomes clear that Amazon is to rank first on desktop and mobile, but eBay Classifieds beats Amazon by being the first on the app.

The study also found that the use of mobile shopping ads has significantly increased by 74 percentas compared to last year. The browser-based mobile usage has also gone up to 31 percent approximately. This means that the use of an average desktop to visit one of the top 50 retailer websites takes approximately 5.6 minutes of time. While the mobile usage including the usage of apps takes just over a minute.


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