Amazon prepares India to lead the next tech revolution

India is known for the best software talent across the world since many years. We are now embarking upon a new journey that is Cloud-driven. This journey is to prepare the next generation of skilled workers, data scientists, Artificial Intelligence (AI) individualists and mobile developers.
The online retail giant Amazon Web Services (AWS) has now fast-tracked the process of skilling the young. This provides them early access to its core Cloud platform that has already transformed millions of enterprises and start-ups globally. This is a win-win situation for thousands of students in India.

As the students acquire skills in Cloud computing with the ‘AWS Educate’ programme, they will now not have toworry about setting up huge IT infrastructure or worry about frequent server crashes and data privacy issues.

The AWS Educate programme aims to provide young learners between the age group 14 introductory Cloud literacy content at schools. AWS Educate has planned various career pathways for these young learners to choose from.

According to the AWS executive, India is looking for talent in Cloud-enabled disruptive technologies and AWS career pathways can help create that talent pool. They aim to address a key skill gap of Cloud computing in order to tackle the demand-supply scenario in the industry.

With AISPL and the Indian Institute of Technology-Banaras Hindu University (IIT-BHU) signinganMoU(Memorandum of Understanding), it seems like the cloud training wave has reached Varanasi as well. The purpose of this MOU is to help students develop skills that are Cloud-ready for jobs with the help of the AWS Educate plan. They also plan to give students opportunities to use AWS Cloud technology and have announced to establish a Cloud Research Lab for the same. The aim is to help them pursue research initiatives that focus on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning innovation.


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