Aftersales Service: A powerful tool to retain customers for life

Digitization has been a tremendous transformational pressure of sales and after-sales services in the automobile industry. There have always been numerous ways to focus on customer’s priorities and offering them a tailored service before and after their purchasing decision.

After sales service was almost insignificant three decades ago, given customer expectations were not as varied and evolved as they are today. Earlier there were very few domestic players monopolizing the market, and the focus was on achieving the best product features and the overall buying experience. But in today’s day and age, with the advent of liberalization both domestic and foreign automakers are targeting to succeed in this competitive business environment.

Attractive and enhanced features of a vehicle are essential factors in the buyer’s decision-making process whereas; the quality of after-sales service is the real deal-breaker. After-sales service has a significant impact on demand, especially in the automobile industry. With the evolving customer expectations and preferences, it is now time to devise strategic ways of offering after-sales services actively.

The emergence of technology has revolutionized preferences and expectations of consumers. Today, the auto sector caters to a more evolved customer who is young, bold, and aware. The millennial generation as they are called aspires to own everything with advanced technological features, including cars. This new-age customer aims to have long associations with brands they use; therefore this is the right time for brands to shift the focus to after-sales service.

Importance of After-Sales Service

Apart from an enhanced purchase experience, consistent quality of service is a crucial pillar of customer-centricity. Unlike earlier, when servicing a car took a minimum of two days and customers were willing to drive their cars to the workshop personally, the scenario is very different today.

In the automobile sector, customer centricity is the benchmark of good business. After-sales services provided by an automaker has now become an essential factor in the consumer’s buying decision, and is known to play an essential role in creating new benchmarks, and building a stronger relationship between the brand and its customers.

Redressal of consumer complaints is an integral part of after-sales service as well. Currently, customers reach out to a workshop or service center through personalized complaint services via phone or email. Digitization, however, has brought in significant changes. Today’s consumer explores digital platforms to discuss and address diverse issues, and among this is the purchase and after-sales service experience as well.

Prompt redressal of complaints and digitization of the workshop experience is also a vital step towards effective after-sales service. Owing to busy lifestyles, brands must look at reducing the number of customer visits on-site.

Future of After-Sales Service

In the coming few years, automobile companies will have to focus on developing mobile service centers that help the customers in times of primary as well as minor glitches in their product experience. To gain a competitive edge and yield positive sales in the industry, automakers must move a step ahead and think like the millennial and for the millennial to ensure customer retention.


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