HPE announces edge-to-cloud solutions

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) announces edge-to-cloud solutions. This solution aims to help organizations in simplifying their hybrid IT environment. The solutions also allow organizations to run more efficiently the same enterprise applications at the edge, in data centers and in the cloud. The solution is enabled by HPE Edgeline Converged Edge Systems and exploits vast amounts of data created in disturbed remote locations like factories, and oil grids.

By running these applications that have enterprise-class performance, manageability, and security, the new HPE solutions enable customers have an aim to:

  • Innovate business processes with real-time at the edge – The new edge-to-cloud solutions lets customers leverage advanced analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things capabilities in remote locations such as oil rigs, wind farms, and factories to minimize equipment downtime. This in turn increases automation and create new business models.
  • Accelerate action and controls across the enterprise and supply chain –In data centers, as well as in the cloud, using the same application stacks at the edge. The new edge-to-cloud simplifies the sharing of critical data and insights. It also enables data correlation, deep learning and process coordination across various locations.
  • Streamline hybrid IT – As the edge platforms can now be managed with the same HPE and partner management tools and processes as in the data center, therefore HPE’s edge-to-cloud solutionlessens complexity and reduces administration costs.

HPE’s edge-to-cloud solutions are validated by HPE and its software partners to expedite implementation. Also, advisory and transformation services delivered by HPE Pointnext help define and execute roadmaps and blueprints for edge-to-cloud solutions. The solution that is focused on the customer’s business goals and specific transformation needs. HPE Pointnext also helps in operational services to enable customers manage the day-to-day operational tasks in an edge-to-cloud environment. It also removes complexity by responding rapidly to business demands.


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