IBA and Associates – The 10 Most Admired Consultant Leaders to watch in 2019

IBA Architects have grown to a one-point contact for their customers in the space of design and build. Since 6 years we have focused on delivering quality and aspired to be the trend setters for the industry. We seek to bring and achieve balance. A balance between comfort and design solutions, energy and conservation, future and sustainability.

For IBA a project is a journey which has to be achieved by being on the right side of everything, we celebrate being different bringing ideas on table and formulating plans to execute them flawlessly. We work to create a designs which are unique yet resonate to nature. By absorbing the knowledge and experience and then approaching our projects with freedom is what makes us unique, this allows us to deliver designs which are lasting, efficient and create landmarks. We are not just the consultants we are the creators of structures which are going to stay and serve generations.

We focus on bringing balance, create sustainable structures, building energy efficient designs, Art should be looked through these lenses also. Freedom to go beyond and create such solutions is the need of the hour. A design and solution kept forward for execution should just not speak to need of the client it should talk to nature also. Application based learning is the need for us.

Akhilesh Seth, the Founder & CEO of IBA, has 15 years of experience. IBA has a moto to serve best designs in the field of architecture, interiors. Creating a brand which works on not just bringing projects but developing solutions which benefit society and community. Using elements and brining out their beauty in their purest form is what we achieve with our projects. Designs which are more strategic and innovative and create intersections for need and nature is what we thrive to achieve.

We are not just the architects we an experience provider of incredible art solutions which resonates with human needs and nature’s giving “Future depends on you, and so does the opportunities that it brings along,” says Akhilesh. In the times to come, IBA aims at working on creating synergies so that the final product not only makes its clients happy but also the society and to become a complete solution provider rather than just being architects.

IBA and Associates is a team of people with unique talents and different expertise who follow the most ardent design practices. The company delivers design not as a product but as a concept and in short span has reached a level which is far ahead of its competitors. The company first understands the thought process of the client behind the structure he wants and then provides a solution with the most innovative yet sustainable design.

IBA and Associates offer a comprehensive solution which takes into account factors like environment, culture, and the place. They are a technologydriven company with practices drawn from the age-old tradition. They believe in blending the new with the old and create structures which are contemporary yet modern. They often mix the client’s expectations with their skills , enthusiasm, and knowledge and offer solutions to create a favorable habitat.


  • I personally know Akhilesh and I have to say he is a person of high standards, ethics and has passion for creativity and innovation. He believes in delivering value to his customers and I recommend him and his firm for any needs readers may have.
    Thanks, Rahul

  • I know to Akhilesh Seth personally since long back. He is very spiritual person. He has ethics of very high standard. A khilesh and his team is very much focused on customer satisfaction. Diliver the projects on time.

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