Anison Institute – BS Most Trusted Educational Institutes of the Year 2019

Being in a world full of competition to be educated, learn well, be knowledgeable and achieve heights, one is always striving hard to possess additional skills apart from what they learn in their academics. Foreign education has become a hype and students and parents are struggling to get prepared for it and get through it, which in turn requires additional preparations, knowledge of foreign languages, additional skills, etc. Institutes providing these skills are the one who frames the student in the best possible manner so that he or she gets through it to achieve what they want after which they can shape their own future. Anison Institute is one such institute who puts their heart in the dreams of a student and shape them for their incredible career.

Anison Institute is not just about education, but a holistic journey and experience. As one of the leading and successful institutes and study abroad consultants, it delivers a holistic view of the opportunities available in the education and study abroad domain worldwide. Since its inception in 2014, it has evolved as one of the leading institutes and study abroad consultant offering short term professional courses, as it is known for providing holistic career and education counseling. Its quality of service has earned it support and respect through its network and its team of professional trainers who are industry experts. Anison Institute as a study abroad consultant helps the aspiring students each year to make the right decisions about their career paths as well as their educational opportunities and assists them in making informed choices about the range of study opportunities available worldwide.

To talk about the people behind this, Sridevi Chaudhuri serves as the co-founder of the Anison Institute. She is a marketing and communications professional and has over a decade of experience in this industry. Alumni of Amity School of Communication, she is an extremely detail-oriented, dedicated and reliable professional with a knack for entrepreneurship and communication. As an ideal mentor and exemplary leader, her infectious work ethic sets an incredibly high standard for both her colleagues and her students. Sridevi’s career started off in the Advertising Agency and was the Charter President of Inner Wheel Club Dist. 301 in Faridabad, Haryana in 2010–2011.

Fast-paced solutions, creative techniques and innovative ideas coupled with her expertise in Management & Marketing areas facilitate her as a fully dedicated and passionate trainer. Her area of specialization is Advertising and related issues. Her area of interest lies in enhancing the quality of marketing communication for small and medium enterprises, exploring digital marketing and in devising new short term professional courses and in the delivering methodologies for the courses. In the past 15 years, her work has encompassed Advertising, Brand Management, Corporate Communication, Visual Merchandising, Life Skills, Website Designing, and Digital Marketing. Addition to her numerous achievements she is also the Director of Pepper Designs Pvt. Ltd, which is a successful firm that provides marketing, advertising, and branding solutions.

Recognizing the ever-growing demand for quality education in India and to contribute to the country’s need for a skilled workforce, Anison Institute launched its own institute of teaching and learning excellence. The institute has successfully brought together under one roof a wide range of entrepreneurial courses, short term professional courses, academic and vocational qualifications like Digital Marketing Courses, Foreign Language Course, Personality Development Courses, Life Skills, and many other courses. Through ‘State of the Art’ teaching center located in Delhi NCR, Anison Institute offers a range of interesting and innovative courses blended with industrial experience and practical application that will appeal to the academic community as well as a range of other sectors in the marketplace.

Apart from being recognized as one of the leading institutes delivering short term professional courses and as a study abroad consultant in the provision of quality counseling services and in successfully placing students in reputed universities and colleges worldwide, Anison Institute also provides high-quality preparation programs for some of the globally recognized, standardized tests. Anison Institute delivers preparatory programs as well as English language proficiency tests which include the TOEFL, IELTS, PTE, GMAT, and ensure that students are taught by faculty whose subject knowledge and teaching practices are amongst the best in the industry. Its experienced, qualified and professional faculty are the industry experts in their respective area, drawn from some of the most elite institutions, have undergone a rigorous training schedule and they are subject to a regular and thorough evaluation process.

Anison Institute has something for every student seeking to enhance their career and education profile and through its suite of comprehensive services, delivered by its team of high-quality professional staff, is able to ensure that its students get a first-class, customized experience at all times and that their needs and requirements are always met in full.

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