CodingZen – BS Most Trusted Educational Institutes of the Year 2019

Will every job involve coding? No. But it is crucial we equip the future generations to think about the world in a new way!

Coding offers many opportunities for learning and personal growth, Creativity and exploration, new ways of thinking and mastery of new skills. Coding offers learning experiences that children can have while developing computational thinking and exploring powerful ideas. It can be a playground for children to become producers and not merely consumers, in our technologically-rich world.

In this coding playground, children get to encounter powerful ideas from computer science that are useful not just for future programmers and ITengineers, but for everyone. Coding is a way to achieve literacy in the 21st century, like reading and writing, and it needs to start early. Today, those who can produce digital technologies, and not just consume them, will be in charge of their own destiny.

While there is a growing movement towards STEAM—science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics—education and research methodologies from those disciplines, we also look at Coding not only as a problem-solving mechanism, but as a process that allows the creation of a shareable product of human expression. This is not primarily about getting the next generation to work as tech engineers, it is also about enhancing computational thinking. Computational thinking is how tech engineers solve problems. It combines maths, algorithms, and logic, and guides you a new way to think about the world.

The applications of this approach go beyond writing software. Fields, as varied as mechanical engineering, medical sciences, physics, biology, archeology, and even music, are applying the computational approach. In business, we are just beginning to understand that markets often follow rules that can be worked using computational analysis.

With an increase in visibility and realization of the need of coding around the world, it’s already started to expand in India. Leading this change is CodingZen who has already had a massive fan base. The Delhi-based edutech startup, which already has 4 years of a head start in the coding for kids domain in India caters to right from juniors of 5 Years age till High school 18-Year-old students. CodingZen management is of the view that coding is not just about learning to code, but about learning to think. The academy offers courses for learners with a wide scope of learning pathways which range from building games, apps, websites and even up to learning Artificial intelligence and Blockchain in the technical domain. They have also deliberately added courses like public speaking, Entrepreneurship boot camp and Program ideation in the startup domain. Students get to develop their individual technical skills as well as domain towards entrepreneurship, which gives them an opportunity to explore their horizons and hence, help them choose a clear path towards a successful future. CodingZen courses provide them with a way to deal with critical thinking yet additionally teaches them the essential technical skills they will require in order to excel in the future.

CodingZen was founded by the duo Shipra Arora ( IIT Mumbai ) and Varun Juneja (CA,) in early 2016. They both had an operational Industry experience of more than 18 years individually, with education industry exposure before they decided to dive into starting this venture. The idea was always to start in the education domain itself, given their affinity to it plus their inclination to give back to the society. Shipra the tech backbone behind this venture has the prior experience of handling major industry business and has supported & mentored various startups earlier. Varun, on the other hand, leads the operations and finance side of the business, with his prior experience in Education vertical as CFO of India unit of US Education MNC.They are suitably supported by their able team and guided by advisory board members who are extremely supportive and includes Prof.(Dr.) V.K.Goswami – Visiting Scientist and former Vice- Chancellor Sunrise University and Sangam University and Suchindra Kumar – DirectorEYwho leads the Education SectorAdvisory Practice forEY. CodingZen academy offers courses like Web development Fundamentals to full stack development, Game development with Unity, Graphic designing using Adobe Products, Robotics with Arduino and Raspberry Pi and also developing Android apps for beginners as well as dedicated developers in a fun-filled, interactive way. They continue enhancing their material and continue adding new courses according to the demand in the industry and also according to what is essential for the kids for developing efficient skills.

They have achieved astounding success in their growth both geographically, adding new centers and online classes as well vertically by adding new learning courses. CodingZen is now a well-regarded and valued academy by the parents. The academy offers regular year round classes and coding workshops for the children at their After School Centers and personalized online classes. They have also tied up with Schools for In School Camps. They have expanded from 1 center in South Delhi to 4 centers in NCR now Starting from Greater Kailash in South, Raja Garden in West, PitamPura in North. Gurgaon is commencing operations this fall and the next milestone is a center in Noida, and eventually plan to expand across pan India. Their online curriculum delivery model is a well-established play wherein rather than pre- recorded lectures or one way 1-to-many student’s delivery of content, they focus on live synchronous classes with a really low student teacher ratio of 1:1. It’s extremely well-researched pedagogy is shown to be more effective as every child has different learning and developing levels and students should be given due attention and support basis their capacity to learn.

CodingZen wants to be different in terms of their fundamental focus. Their overarching theme is Entrepreneurship / Startup with focus on Tech and offer their courses accordingly. Entrepreneurship is the way forward in India and they would want to ensure they play their role in developing the next generation.

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