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Pankaj Kumar Singh, Founder (Cambridge Montessori Pre School)

Cambridge Montessori Pre School

Child care is a broad topic and a matter of confidence and trust on the people who are not a part of your circle initially. It covers a wide spectrum of professionals, institutions and activities.Quality care since early childhood can substantially affect the future accomplishments of kids. Child care is having primary focus on child’s mental and physical development.

The idea of sending children to a day-care center is never appealing to many. In today’s world where people are usually staying in a nuclear family, there is a need for trusted day-care centers. Also, the kids of this generation adapt their surrounding quickly and grow smartly with whatever they are being taught.

BS Most Trusted Educational Institutes of the Year 2019

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Arjun Valiyaparambil | CEO | AbacusMaster

Abacus Master

Gone are the bygone eras when students had no other mode of learning than attending a physical class and seeking guidance of only their teachers if they are stuck somewhere. Students had no diverse reach and they had to manage with whatever was accessible to them at that particular time. One could only seek help and guidance just when they could proceed to go to the classes physically.

Sridevi Chaudhari | Co-Founder | Anison Institute

Anison Institute

Being in a world full of competition to be educated, learn well, be knowledgeable and achieve heights, one is always striving hard to possess additional skills apart from what they learn in their academics. Foreign education has become a hype and students and parents are struggling to get prepared for it and get through it, which in turn requires additional preparations, knowledge of foreign languages, additional skills, etc.

Dr Pradeep Kumar Shinde | Principal | Centre for Media Studies, Presidency College

Centre for Media Studies, Presidency College

Journalism is a prominent source of information to the world. Journalists act as catalysts of change in the society. They play an important role in all facets of life forwhich having an eye for detail is one of the pre requisites. Professional Journalism needs an interactive, creative and dynamic environment to internalize the nuances of the field.

Dr. Niyati Chitkara | Principal | Chitkara International School

Chitkara International

Education is a primary thing these days and everyone is striving to achieve more with good education. The quality of the education and the whole education system is evolving day by day. These institutes which offer education are struggling to make themselves stand out in all terms and they want their students to achieve great heights.

Varun Juneja | Director | CodingZen


Will every job involve coding? No. But it is crucial we equip the future generations to think about the world in a new way!

Coding offers many opportunities for learning and personal growth, Creativity and exploration, new ways of thinking and mastery of new skills. Coding offers learning experiences that children can have while developing computational thinking and exploring powerful ideas.

Srinidhi Naidu | CEO | EduconIndia


India is a developi ng country and we never stop ourselves from exploring and achieving great things in life. Much of the crowd in India today strives to go abroad for their higher studies. Nothing has stopped young minds to explore and learn. Though the children are given freedom to dig into their interests and learn more, there are still a few obstacles when one aspires to get to a top university to excel in their field of study.

Taj Mohammed Khan | Secretary | Farooqia College of Pharmacy

Farooqia College of

Education has become the necessity of people these days and everyone is behind finding the best institute as their career ahead largely depends on the choice they make at this stage. Especially the field of the medicine being a critical one, one needs to get into the best institute so that they can shape their career well. There is usually a lot of preparation and competition to get into this which makes people go crazy.

Sanjay Singh | Founder | Jettwings Institute of Aviation & Hospitality Management

Jettwings Institute of Aviation & Hospitality Management

The hospitality industry was once a lesser known industry and not many individuals were intrigued to seek after it. It took time for its educational plan to advance and furthermore for the business to create employment. In any case, as time cruised by, there was a period when the hospitality industry turned into a blast and a significant number of the youths needed to be a part of it.

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Education in Digital World

Instruction has developed from a study hall training being limited to simply the scholastics to including various sorts of extracurricular exercises in the educational plan. It is not just necessary to get the bookish knowledge but also to be much smarter than that. Academics are no doubt the most essential part, but for a student to be smart, there is much more that is needed. In the shrewd world that we are living today, one should be increasingly intelligent, more astute with all the scholarly information one has.

Peer Pressure in Education

Marks are just numbers.

When a child gets into a kindergarten, he isn’t aware of what is he going to deal with rather than experiencing the vibes of new clothes, new books, new friends and experiencing school for the very first time. It all starts with fun-filled learning. These days, every kindergarten schools and day care centers are well equipped to make children learn academics as well as extra-curricular activities with the same zeal.